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Bedsheet 70x140cm - Beige


A beautiful cotton bedsheet with elastic band

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Cotton bedsheet with elastic band – natural soft 100% cotton

Meet our anti-allergenic, soft cotton pram sheet, perfect for your baby! Its velvety finish, natural baby skin-friendly properties, design and durability will delight you. You can be sure that your baby will sleep on a soft and natural material that will provide maximum comfort.

The best quality that guarantees safety. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified . At ColorStories, we always put safety first. Our pram sheet is made of the highest quality velvety cotton, which has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 safety certificate, which guarantees that our product is free of harmful substances and meets the highest safety standards.

Gentle and natural touch for the sensitive skin of the baby. Allows the skin to breathe naturally. Delicate cotton not only provides a natural touch for your toddler’s sensitive skin, but also protects it from overheating, perspiration and moisture. 

Exceptional softness of cotton fibers for maximum sleeping comfort. Our bedsheet is made of the highest quality cotton knitted fabric, which we soften extra especially for you. As a result, it provides maximum pleasure to the touch. Your little one will feel like sleeping on a cloud!

Why choose our soft, cotton, bedsheet with elastic band?

- The exceptional softness of cotton fibers will make your baby feel wrapped and safe. Our bedsheet is made of the highest quality velvety cotton knitted fabric, which we soften extra especially for you. As a result, it provides maximum pleasure to the touch. Your little one will feel as if he is lying on a cloud!

- Elastic jersey knit fabric and elastic band for a comfortable fit. The elastic band that sits on the edges and the stretchy jersey knit fabric that we use to sew our sheets help you easily adjust the shape to fit the bed. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the fabric slipping or wrinkling. Your little one will always have the perfect spot for a relaxing sleep.

- The high quality of the knitted fabric guarantees durability and resistance even to repeated washings. The cotton we use for sewing baby sheets is of the highest quality – it does not mold, stretch or lose its shape. We give you a guarantee of resistance.

We care about the environment in order to take care of our children’s future. At ColorStories, we choose to work with companies that are eco-conscious and work to do as little harm to the environment as possible. The printing technique of our sheets is environmentally friendly, thanks to the reduction of water consumption (50% of water is reused in production processes), energy and textile waste.


100% cotton certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Made in Poland (EU).


140x70 cm, fits to mattresses up to 10 cm high


You can machine wash it at 40 and 60 degrees, iron it, steam it and dry it in the dryer. It will still retain its softness and quality after many washings. Save time and focus on what matters most – your little one.

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