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Campaign model

We decided to introduce a campaign model to promote the Slow Fashion trend and support ecology. We want to offer our clients great product selection, but without unnecessary fueling the production and storage of many things. Thanks to the campaign model, everyone can order their favorite color, desired size, or thickness of the quilt, and this product will be tailored especially for the customer.

How does it work?

The specific campaign is available for a limited time.

After finishing the campaign and collecting orders, manufacturers begin the tailoring process. After a certain time, orders are delivered to the customer.

The expected delivery time can be checked in the details of each campaign. The delivery time is extended because the items are not in stock. 

Returns are not accepted because the ordered products are handmade according to your specific order.

To summarize, thanks to campaigns, we do not produce and order more than needed.

We believe that with that model of sale, we support ecology.

Click here to check out our current campaigns.

There is no campaign available now? Give us some time, probably we are working on the next ones. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will let you know.

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Darmowa dostawa

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